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Lowndes County foot soliders’ names sought for special event

A special memorial motorcade event meant to honor the foot soldiers who participated in the Selma to Montgomery march during Bloody Sunday is set to occur during the 56th anniversary of the event.

The motorcade will begin March 7th at 10 a.m. from the Jimmie Lee Jackson Memorial Maker by the Perry County Courthouse in Marion Alabama and will end near the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute at noon.

Over the next two weeks, event organizers plan to gather as many of the names of the foot soldiers as possible and display them on a larger banner that will appear on a motorhome in the motorcade. Their goal is to display the names of all those involved.

The banner will be viewable to spectators from up to fifteen feet away and allow event organizers to accomplish their goal of acknowledging, honoring, and remembering the foot soldiers of Bloody Sunday while following social distancing guidelines.

Event organizers are also hoping to include 100 RVs in the motorcade memorial.

As of today, over 70 names have been collected and 3 RVs have joined the motorcade.

Burgess Bailey, one of the organizers for the events, says that any help gathering the names would be appreciated. “If anyone can provide the names of some of the foot soldiers, we missed we would really appreciate it,” he said. “That would allow us to update or list and reach our goal of having the name of every foot soldier represented in the event.”

If you have any information regarding the foot soldiers who participated in march or would like to participate, please contact Burgess Bailey at 704-500-1621.